Verdu Benefits

We revolutionize employee training with engaging learning experiences that help them acquire new knowledge and skills, offering a higher level of engagement and understanding, by building muscle memory.


VR Training
vs Classic Training

During educational experiments with complex structured tasks, groups trained with VR outperformed groups that used classic methods of training. Today, VR tools are considered more powerful and effective than a classic training program.


Motor skills are acquired through real-world experience and that is what VR training actually does, it resembles real life situations. On-the-Job performance is enhanced as VR trainees demonstrate more cognitive capacity for processing interfering tasks during a real operation

Reduces errors
in critical situations

VR training outperforms traditional training when it comes to reducing errors during task performance. Mostly all situations are task related, however, in safety situations specific tasks are really critical and VR trained individuals seems to be resistant to errors.

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VR training has become the best and maybe the only way to accomplish most learning objectives.


Are you ready to pilot your first VR training experience?

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