Why Your business needs VR learning programs

VR technology is a vital tool for hands-on employee training in a risk-free environment. No matter what the scale of your business is, VR training offers a handful of reasons on why to adopt it.

Better Engagement

VR learning transforms learning into an experiential procedure. With high levels of engagement, it produces deeper understanding of modules and procedures, than traditional educational programs.

Improved Performance

VR learning explains abstract notions more easily, giving trainees the opportunity to deeply understand the modules and adjust their learning pace according to their needs.

Minimal Costs

VR learning reduces the overall training costs, saving time and money through elimination or reduction of routine operations. Thus, allowing to further invest on software and educational programs, and be cost-effective.

Find out how you could benefit from a VR training environment.

Verdu Features

Verdu is a smart and powerful VR learning solution, addressing the modern challenges of corporate training.


Verdu offers an immersive learning experience where trainees can interact with their environment in a simple yet powerful way.


Verdu’s reporting platform provides a variety of statistics, reports and trainee data in order to evaluate all aspects of your learning program.


Verdu comes in a fully customizable environment that can be branded according to the specific needs of an organization and meet any CI demands.

The future in education is here

Companies are investing in immersive learning worldwide

Several prestigious corporations are investing heavily, into worker education programs and the results are quite optimistic. Business are investing in immersive learning.

Exceeding expectations

82% of companies
currently implementing XR declare that the benefits are either meeting or exceeding their expectations.
- Capgemini Research Institute -

Proven higher scores

“Life happens in 360, not 2D video. We test our associates on the content they see. Those associates who [used] VR as part of their training scored higher than those who didn’t.”
- Brock McKeel -
Sr. Dir. of Digital Operations @WALMART

The Next Big Thing

Being interactive and practical, VR training promotes experiential training with high levels of engagement.
It produces deeper understanding than traditional training!

Experience the engagement.
See for yourself.

Read the science behind
immersive learning

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