Why VR is so effective for learning

VR technologies build new brain rules and play with our senses to convincingly transport us to any environment by interpreting it as a new world.

Analysis of assets for virtual reality application
This article focuses on specifying the assets that are available with VR for neuropsychological applications along with discussion of current VRbased research that serves to illustrate each asset.
The Effects of Fully Immersive Virtual Reality on the Learning of Physical Tasks
Fully immersive virtual settings are different from traditional virtual reality settings in that they are able to capture full body motion. This ability allows people to use their full range of physical motion to interact with other avatars, computer controlled agents, and objects in the virtual environment.
Intelligent Tutoring Bridging the Gap from Knowing to Doing
Often, our fielded training systems emphasize media for imparting facts, rules, and procedures, followed by simulations or live events where trainees are expected to apply that knowledge. Seemingly missing from this sequence, however, is any support for acquiring the cognitive capabilities that underlie task performance. The result can be trainees who know the facts, but not where and how to use them.
Measuring Virtual Simulation Value in Training Exercises
This paper presents the results of the training value assessment of augmenting the live training event with virtual TADSS. It provides impacts of virtual integration on training efficacy achieved for primary and secondary training audiences.
Virtual Memory Palaces – Immersion Aids Recall
In this paper, we explore whether using virtual memory palaces in a head-mounted display with head-tracking (HMD condition) would allow a user to better recall information than when using a traditional desktop display with a mouse-based interaction (desktop condition).
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